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Sunnynet Hikari

Sales price(tax included): ¥ 6,100

New Internet Service provided at Sunnynet in partnership with NTT West

Flet's Hikari Next Hayabusa

Sales price(tax included): ¥ 2,500

Ultra High Speed Internet Service.
Fiber Line Directly to your House!!
Fastest Internet In Japan

Flet's Next Mansion (for Apartments and Mansions)

Sales price(tax included): ¥ 2,500

NTT Flets Next Mansion Type
Call our office for more details!
(Designed for users who's building already has equipment installed)

Sunny SmartTV

Sales price(tax included): ¥ 1,400

Watch Hulu, Pandora with Sunny-net Smart TV.
Can be installed on routers to support tablets, smartphones, gaming consoles, Smart TV’s, Entertainment consoles and all network connected devices and operating systems.

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2016 / 03 / 28
Internet Speed Issues
Currently we are experiencing slow internet speeds the in the evening times when the usage is heavy. NTT has informed us that their backbone is maxed out and that they are working on getting the problem fixed.

We ask that you be patient during this maintenance period and we will update once we get further information.
2016 / 03 / 04
Currently the Sunnynet Smart TV is experiencing issues accessing Netflix due to the fact the Netflix is blocking all VPN/DNS services. We are currently working on getting the service back open. We will post more information once we get any new informatin.
2016 / 02 / 15
Sunnynet Smart TV
Sunny-net releases new service for customers to be able to view stateside tv streaming sites. Please contact for details.
2016 / 01 / 01
A Happy New Year!
Sunny-Net Website Renewal
2015 / 07 / 28
New service setup
2014 / 05 / 21
Sales Campaign-Get 3 Months Free! Sign-up During Our Campaign Period for Hi-Speed Fiber Internet and get three months of provider fees waived! 3 Months ISP Charges Free!