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Sunnynet Hikari

Sales price(tax included): ¥ 6,588

New Internet Service provided at Sunnynet in partnership with NTT West

Flet's Hikari Next Hayabusa

Sales price(tax included): ¥ 2,500

Ultra High Speed Internet Service.
Fiber Line Directly to your House!!
Fastest Internet In Japan

Flet's Next Mansion (for Apartments and Mansions)

Sales price(tax included): ¥ 2,500

NTT Flets Next Mansion Type
Call our office for more details!
(Designed for users who's building already has equipment installed)

Sunny SmartTV

Sales price(tax included): ¥ 1,400

Watch Hulu, Pandora with Sunny-net Smart TV.
Can be installed on routers to support tablets, smartphones, gaming consoles, Smart TV’s, Entertainment consoles and all network connected devices and operating systems.

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2018 / 01 / 18
Dear Valued Customers,

First of all, thank you for your continued service at Sunny-Net.

We would like to inform you that, beginning on February 1st, 2018, we will officially be closed between the hours of 1200-1300 for lunch.

Please keep this in mind if you would like to visit our office or would like to call us.

We thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Respectfully Signed,
2017 / 07 / 18
Hikari Premium Migration
SUNNY-NET has a very Important Announcement for all our Hikari Premium Customers.

From June 2017, we will be going through a massive migration from FLET's Hikari Premium to FLET's Hikari Next. Depending on your location you will be provided with a different service.

Due to the amount of customers that need to be migrated and the time window given. We recommend you contact our sales desk to schedule the migration as soon as possible.

Please check our Knowledge Base for detailed instructions on how to uninstall your current NTT equipment.

Also please understand that this can only be done AFTER contacting our Sales desk and scheduling the date of the migration.

Respectfully Signed,
2017 / 05 / 15
SUNNY-NET on Facebook!
Japan's #1 English speaking ISP would like to introduce you to our “official” SUNNY-NET Facebook page. Become a “friend” and join Japan's "in-crowd." After joining you'll be entitled to ALL the newest information, regarding SUNNY-NET, and our best deals, if you qualify.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Sunny-Net Facebook Team,
2017 / 02 / 20
Netflix and Hulu
As many of you may know, our VPN and SunnysmartTV services are being blocked by Netflix and Hulu. We currently are researching different solutions to try and make one or both of the services available.

The reason for the block is due to copyrights of the programming which make showing the US channel lineup here in Japan difficult. Hulu and Netflix support has made it clear that if anyone has questions or issues with this that they can contact their respective support centers for help.

In the meantime Sunnynet will continue to look into ways that we can provide these services again. If you have any questions about your Sunnynet Accounts, please call our office or email us at
2016 / 01 / 01
A Happy New Year!
Sunny-Net Website Renewal