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Sunny-Net Subscription Policy

Payments and Fees

All Sunny-Net fees shall be paid in advance, or the first official billing date, including the Initial Fee, Installation Fee. Access is provided in one month increments and the service is on a monthly basis. Starts on the 1st and ends on the last day of the month.

Sunny-Net fees shall be calculated on a prorated basis for just the first month of service. 

All payments are due on the last day of the month prior to customer’s service expiration date. Billing notification will be sent to customer’s email address.

In the event that the customer fail to pay by the due date , the service will be suspended on the following month. If the service is suspended for two consecutive months, Sunny-Net service will be cancelled on the third month, of non-payment.

After the internet activation, if there are failures to the fiber outlet box, there may be a construction fee that you would need to pay, depending on the situation. 

NTT Fiber Installation Fee


Payment Methods Available

___  GI Bill Pay Services (Please contact GI Bill Pay to add Sunny-Net to your account.)

___  Credit Card Automated Payment

___  Housing Agency 



When customer cancels a service, customer shall notify Sunny-Net at least two weeks prior to the date that customer wants to discontinue the service, or before the billing date (15th of the month). This two week period allows Sunny-Net enough time to successfully cancel the service and to discontinue billing the customer. In the event that customer fails to give Sunny-Net two weeks notice, customer will not receive a refund of any payment that is already processed.            

Customer shall be responsible to pay for all unpaid balances prior to cancellation of service and responsible to pay basic services charges until service is fully cancelled.

Sunny-Net fees shall not be calculated on a prorated basis. NO refunds will be given. Even if the service is cancelled partway through the month. 

Sunny-Net Hikari and neXtreme internet are both combined services, NTT and ISP, therefore, these services CANNOT be cancelled separately.  At the time of cancellation, the service has to be cancelled entirely with Sunny-Net Ltd. 

The initial installation fee will not be refunded.

Internet Service cannot be suspended during deployment/TAD/TDY.

By checking the box, on the application form, the customer agrees that customer has read and understood all terms above and agrees to comply with the terms set forth by Sunny-Net Ltd.

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