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Are you suffering from slow internet connectivity?

Please follow the steps below to fix it.

Step 1

Connect your computer to your personal wireless router with a direct Ethernet connection.

PLEASE NOTE: Speed test through Wi-Fi are NOT accurate. Due to too many variables that effect wireless speed.

Step 2

Perform a speed test by following the link below:

Internet SPEED Test



If your internet speed is a lot higher now, the problem is somewhere within your personal wireless network. 


The most obvious solution would be to purchase a stronger wireless router. However, you can also try to update the firmware, optimize the wireless network by changing the broadcast mode, or you can relocate your wireless router to a location that is more open within your home.

If you need assistance optimizing the settings, please feel free to bring in your wireless router into our office, with the power cable, and our Techs can do it for you free of charge. Please note, there is NO GUARANTEE that this will boost your internet speed.

Step 4

If none of the above steps increased your internet connection, please follow the link below to contact us and add the results of your speed test in the message. 

Tech Support

We will contact you shortly after receiving your message to provide further assistance.

PLEAE NOTE: If you request a home visit, a dispatch fee will be applied if the cause of the speed issue is found to not be related to any of the devices issued to you from Sunny-Net or the fiber company.

Speed Issue

Step 3

If there was no major difference with your internet speed test, please power-cycle your GE-ONU (modem) by unplugging the power cable for 10 minutes. 

After it finishes the power-cycle and your router reconnects to the internet, please proceed with the speed test again.

Internet SPEED Test


Every once in a while some IP addresses will suffer from different forms of attacks over the internet, which can increase the load of your bandwidth thus causing the decrease in your internet speed. Changing your IP address will erase this issue completely, if your anti-virus is up-to-date and your PC isn't being specifically targeted.


Keep your anti-virus up-to-date and don't randomly open links and messages, if you are unsure of the sender. If you find your internet slowing down again, just power-cycle your modem again.

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