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Automatic Draft Agreement

G.I. Bill Pay Service


Transaction day     29th

Billing day for May     15th



Billing day for June     15th

Transaction day     29th

When registered on the April 10th

Internet fee for May

Sunny-Net receives the amount charged from GIBP.

Internet fee for June

Sunny-Net receives the amount charged from GIBP.

Please note that the transaction will be completed in about 14 days after the billing date.


    I understand that Sunny-Net will send my bill to G. I. Bill Pay Service on the 15th of the month or the first business day after the 15th if it falls on the weekend or holiday. If this billing fails, I will have to pay fee by other payment method.

    I understand that I must notify Sunny-Net at least ( 2 ) weeks prior to the date that I want to discontinue the service, or before the billing date(the 15th of the month). In the event that I fail to give Sunny-Net two weeks notice, I will not receive a refund of any payment that is already processed.

    I understand that I must contact Sunny-Net to make changes to the payment method before the billing date (the 15th of the month) and provide the new payment method to Sunny-Net. 

By selecting Automatic Draft (G.I. Bill Pay Service) as the payment method , I am verifying that I understand and agree to the conditions stated above.

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