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I understand and agree to the following:

       Transferring my service means that I will no longer be able to use the service at my "Old" location.

       It will take NTT anywhere between 2 - 5 weeks to complete the transfer procedure, depending on the status of the fiber line in the "New" location. Due to this, it is highly recommended to start the transfer procedure as soon as possible.

       Failing to submit the transfer request well in advance, will leave me in a situation of needing to wait for NTT to install/activate the internet in the "New" location. During this time, Sunny-Net is not required, nor obligated in any way, to provide a Pocket Wi-FiThe free Pocket Wi-Fi service is ONLY available for new applicants awaiting NTT installation/activation.

       Be sure to remove the NTT fiber equipment, i.e. modem and home gateway, from the "old" location, prior to losing access to that location.

Transfer Fees

Handling Fee                  3,300 JPY

NTT Installation Fee      11,000 JPY

(+3,300 JPY extra charge for weekends & Japanese Holidays)

Transfer Application Form
Old Location Address
New Location Address

Thank You for Submitting!

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