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SN Pocket WiFi Agreement


Payments and Fees
- All Sunny-Net fees shall be paid in advance, including the Initial Fee.

- A one-time non-refundable admin fee of 3,300 JPY is required.

- A one-time refundable deposit fee of 10,000 JPY is required.
- Access is provided in one-month increments, and the service is on a monthly basis, starting on the 1st and ending on the last day of the month.
- No refunds will be given, even if the Sunny-Net service is cancelled partway through the month.
- Payments are due on the last day of the month prior to the customer's service expiration date.
- In the event that the customer fails to pay by the due date, the service will be suspended on the 1st of the following month.
- Credit Card Automated payment is required. Sunny-Net will charge the following month's service fee on the 27th. If the charge fails, a notification will be sent to the customer's email.

- When a customer cancels the service, they shall notify Sunny-Net before the 20th of the month.
- In the event that the customer fails to give Sunny-Net the cancellation notice, Sunny-Net will continue to charge the service fee on the 27th.
- The customer shall be responsible for paying all unpaid balances prior to the cancellation of service and responsible for paying basic service fees until the service is fully cancelled.
- The initial fee will not be refunded.
- Internet service cannot be suspended during deployment/TAD/TDY.
- The customer will need to pay 22,000 JPY in the event of loss or damage to the WiFi device.
- There is a 2,500 JPY fee for loss or damage to the provided charging equipment.
- The customer needs to return all devices to Sunny-Net within 7 days after the cancellation.

Please note that this revised agreement is provided as a suggestion. It's important to consult a legal professional or review it with the relevant parties to ensure it aligns with the specific requirements and regulations of your situation.

By applying to this service, you automatically agree to the above agreement.

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