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Sunny-Net Internet 


As you already may have read in the previous emails sent to you from Sunny-Net, your current internet (PPPoE) username and password will be changing. Failure to update your internet username and password may result in loss of internet connectivity. 

Please follow the steps provided below to complete the procedure. 

Step 1

Retrieve your NEW PPPoE credentials from Sunny-Net

    Please check you email for the new account information. Please keep in mind, your new internet (PPPoE) account username and password, like your old one, is case-sensive. Additionally, typos will prevent your internet from successfully connecting.

Step 2

Updating your Wi-Fi router with the NEW PPPoE credentials

This can be done on PC or on a Smartphone/Tablet:

   PC - Click on the LINK HERE to our 'Internet Setup' page, and follow the instructions.

   SmartPhone/Tablet - Download the Wi-Fi Management Application for your specific router, this information can be found on the box your router came in. If you lost the box, you can also do a Google search to find the correct app, as well as how to use it. Once you successfully login to your router through the application, locate the 'Internet Connection' page and update your current PPPoE credentials with the new ones we provided. Then 'SAVE' the settings.

Step 3

Please notify us of the completion of STEP 2

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