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neXtreme Setup

Setup Guide_NS7_transparent.png
Step 1:
Connect Fiber Connector

Home Gateway+

Wireless Router

Step 2:
Connect  Fiber & Confirm Light Conditions

Once this step is completed, please contact Support to get the internet registration process started. This process can take anywhere between 3-24 hours to complete.

Step 3:
Connect Home Gateway+ & Wireless Router


Some wireless routers require you to complete the initial setup wizard. If your router requires this step, please complete the initial setup after the registration process is completed.

*Connect the Ethernet cable to the Internet Port.

This step may have already been completed by Sunny-Net.

STEP 1: Slide Open

STEP 2: Insert stick-ONU

STEP 3: Push in stick-ONU

Insure the LED's are on the top.

Need more assistance?  |  098-983-7770 ext. 2

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