neXtreme Setup

Setup Guide_NS7_transparent.png
Step 1:
Connect Fiber Connector

Home Gateway+

Wireless Router

Step 2:
Connect  Fiber & Confirm Light Conditions
WARNING!! Your internet will not start until you contact support.
Contact info is listed below.

Once this step is completed, please contact Support to get the internet registration process started. This process can take anywhere between 3-24 hours to complete.

Step 3:
Connect Home Gateway+ & Wireless Router


Some wireless routers require you to complete the initial setup wizard. If your router requires this step, please complete the initial setup after the registration process is completed.

*Connect the Ethernet cable to the Internet Port.

This step may have already been completed by Sunny-Net.

STEP 1: Slide Open

STEP 2: Insert stick-ONU

STEP 3: Push in stick-ONU

Insure the LED's are on the top.

Need more assistance?  |  098-983-7770 ext. 2