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October 2019 Japanese Holidays!

Hello Everybody,

As always, another day, another opportunity to learn about Japanese culture! This month there are two national holidays coming up.

October 14th - Physical Education Day

Around this time you may notice several local schools having a 'Sports Day Festival' on Sunday, October 13th. Due to this, schools will be closed the following day. This will be a great time to go out exercise and enjoy the festivities.

October 22nd - Coronation Day

Everything with a beginning has an end. As you all may know, Emperor Akihiko abdicated the Chrysanthemum Throne this past April 30th. His son, Emperor Naruhito, will be doing the Enthronement Ceremony on this date.

Like ALL other Japanese National Holidays, SUNNY-NET will be CLOSED. If you would like to make a payment or have something else you would like to contact us about, please plan it around these days.

Thank you for your kind regards and understanding.


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