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Thank You for choosing Sunny-Net!



  • Our sales staff will be contacting you shortly, either via email or phone, to confirm your internet application.
SPECIAL NOTE: If you do not have a local phone number, our staff will be contacting you via email. So, please check your email periodically.
Please call us if you don't hear from us within 3 business days


NTT Fiber Application

  • After confirming your application, we will submit the activation/installation request to NTT, the fiber company.
  • Please look for the fiber port within your home and send a picture of the number next to the bar-code to this email address:


Schedule Affirmation

  • After we apply, through NTT, for the activation/installation of your fiber line, it will take around 7 business days before they contact us again with the installation/activation date. At that time, we will contact you again to inform you of the activation date, or to confirm the installation date. 
**Please Note: Someone will need to be available to let the installers within your home if an installation is necessary.
*Nobody needs to be present if it's just an activation.



  • Installation - An NTT fiber technician will visit your house to install the fiber line. Please be sure to have someone home at that time to allow the tech inside. 
  • Activation - Please connect everything in the morning of the scheduled activation. The instructions can be found in the link HERE.
  • If you require wireless functionality, please prepare your own wireless router before your installation/activation date.
    TECH NOTE: Wi-Fi must support at least 2000AC. 
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