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SN Pocket WiFi Agreement

The following is a list of terms and conditions for the use of Sunny-Net Wi-Fi service prior to installation of home Internet services.

  • I understand that this service is provided as a temporary connection until the NTT installation, as a convenience for our customers.


  • I understand that if the service is not maintained or the application is cancelled for any reason, a rental fee of 6,300 JPY will be charged for each month. Each monthly period begins on the first day of the month and ends on the last day of the same month.


  • I understand that I will be charged 21,800 JPY in the event of loss or damage of the Wi-Fi device.

  • I understand that the damages caused by charging the device with equipment not issued to me by Sunny-Net or in a way other than the recommended (USB to PC/Laptop), will also be charged for the replacement of the device caused by electrical malfunctions.

  • 2,500 JPY fee for loss or damage of device plug or power cord.


  • I understand that I am required to return the Wi-Fi device, within ( 2 ) days, to the office once the NTT installation/activation is completed.

       If I fail to return the device within ( 2 ) days, I understand that I will be required to pay a late         fee of 500 JPY/day.

  • I understand that Sunny-Net will not replace the device due to the data cap being reached.


By submitting the form below to use the Sunny-Net temporary Pocket Wi-Fi service, I am verifying that I understand and agree to the conditions stated above.

SN Temporary Pocket WiFi Form

Thanks for submitting!

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