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SN Pocket WiFi Agreement

The following is a list of terms and conditions for the use of Sunny-Net Wi-Fi service prior to installation of home Internet services.

  • I understand that this service is provided as a temporary connection until the NTT installation, as a convenience for our customers.


  • I understand that if failure to keep the service or cancelling the application will result in paying 6,000 JPY for cancellation fee.


  • I understand that I will be charged 21,800 JPY in the event of loss or damage of the Wi-Fi device.

  • I understand that the damages caused by charging the device with equipment not issued to me by Sunny-Net or in a way other than the recommended (USB to PC/Laptop), will also be charged for the replacement of the device caused by electrical malfunctions.

  • 2,500 JPY fee for loss or damage of device plug or power cord.


  • I understand that I am required to return the Wi-Fi device, within ( 2 ) days, to the office once the NTT installation/activation is completed.

       If I fail to return the device within ( 2 ) days, I understand that I will be required to pay a rental         fee of 500 JPY/day.

  • I understand that Sunny-Net will not replace the device due to the data cap being reached.


By submitting the form below to use the Sunny-Net temporary Pocket Wi-Fi service, I am verifying that I understand and agree to the conditions stated above.

SN Temporary Pocket WiFi Form

Thanks for submitting!

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