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NTT Fiber-optic Repair - Okinawa

Hello SN-Valued Customers & Members,

I hope you are all doing good, despite the last two typhoons that swept through Okinawa.

As some of you may know, over 6,000 fiber-optic cables were damaged in the last two typhoon. Due to this, the NTT repair team has been working OVERTIME, to fix as much fiber as they can. They've already completed the repairs for the "more dangerous" areas, and already started/completed repairs for individual homes.

Many repair dates, are scheduled as far as the end of November. However, don't let this get you down. There is still a high chance that they may be able to fix your broken fiber a lot sooner. For example, Customer 'A' was scheduled to get repaired on the 15th of November, but the NTT repair team was already scheduled to fix the fiber in their area. So, after calling Sunny-Net/Customer 'A' to verify availability, they were able to push the repair date up, by almost over a month.

For those of you still waiting on NTT to repair your fiber, don't lose hope. We, at Sunny-Net, is doing everything we can to get your fiber repaired as soon as possible. Subsequently, due to our/everybody's effort, NTT has even increased their technicians to help speed up the repair process.

So, keep your phones next to you. Who knows, you may receive a phone call today, to check your availability for tomorrow.



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